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i wish i was a fly on the studio wall on the day of this photoshoot

One good thing about LJ blackouts is that you take the time you think you never have, to finish all those pesky little projects you started ages ago (most likely during the previous blackout), stuff that seemed like a good idea at the time but now sit on your hard disk gathering the proverbial dust. Of course, the moment LJ is on-line again you get sucked right back in and you forget not only to post them but their existence altogether; but I digress.

I fell in love with this photo the moment I saw it. There is this Mona Lisa quality to David's smile that does it for me, tickles me, makes me warm inside and happy. Impish, intense, pretty, pretty David Hewlett. I colored the photo on a whim, I hope you like it. The original b&w version is from

It's my first attempt at coloring a b&w photo and I'm well aware it's less that perfect. *grins* Nevertheless, please feel free to pass the link around. If you use it for icons or art, credit would be nice but it's not necessary; a link however to what you've made will be better than chocolate!
Tags: fanart, tv:sga
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