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look ma! sga doodles!

i just love it when the artist in me meets my inner 12-year-old and they come out to play. *sighs happily* as you've probably figured out by now, i spent the entire weekend over photoshop. i finished a couple of projects *coughs*, did research and added the odd stroke or two in a few others but mostly i fooled around with my sparkly new volito2 to get used to it. this is one of the doodles that came out: what you get if you cross hewlett with flanigan? hewligan! hee!

below is a little smthing i started while experimenting with brushes and pen pressure, but force knows when i'll finish.

i'm thinking maybe its time for me to clean the cobwebs from my deviantart account and start using it.
Tags: fanart, fanart wips, tv:sga
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