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new layout!

Ok, so it's nowhere near ready yet but the old one --although pretty-- was too dark and attracted attention at work so I couldn't wait anymore.

  1. Code still needs work. Flexible Squares is not the easiest to code, the glitches make me pull my hair, so yeah, still work ahead. I'm also thinking about adding a box before the first entry.

  2. I'm this close to redoing the banner from scratch. It was supposed to be a reproduction of my favorite icon *points at default* and I'm not satisfied with it but I think I vaguely remember now how I did it the first time so yes, sometime in the future I'll try again.

  3. Change the picture gallery code. I totally forgot that.

  4. Fix font size. It's too small for my taste.

I love my shinny! And it's Firefox-optimized!
Tags: fanart, layout, lj
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