25 January 2007 @ 12:35 am
*flails* OMG! OMG!  
*pokes icarusancalion*
The main national Greek tv channel has picked up the European Figure Skating Championships 2007 and the Mens Short Program is on right now (alas, not live) and guess what? The skater I'm watching is a Czech called Karel Zelenka. ZELENKA! Dude! I'm dying here!
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Painfully perky: Out Of Bounds 2icarusancalion on July 19th, 2007 11:36 pm (UTC)
I've seen him! Dude, that's so cool.

Sorry about the long delay, wildernessguru's mom passed away that weekend.

I have a question: how on earth did it happen that 15,000 hits clicked on one of the latest chapters of Out Of Bounds in my LJ yesterday -- and most of them seem to have come from your f-list? *eyebrows raise*

15,000. In one day. Is this a tech issue?

Ishi-No Kokoro: sheppard: is this your life?queenofstars on July 21st, 2007 04:07 pm (UTC)
Um, oops? I don't know how that happened but I guess it has something to do with LJ having database problems that day and pages not loading properly or failing to load at all. My journal is on the Filetmignon cluster, which apparently went bananas during the crash. Insert me refreshing like crazy, alternately begging and cursing LJ to give me my damn f-list right now thank you! so I could read the parts you had just posted and then faceplant in my pillow with less that 3 hours until sunrise.
When LJ finally gave me my f-list, I could see in Firefox's statusbar something from stat.livejournal.com repeatedly trying to load, and refreshing wouldn't fix. I was afraid lj was about to black out on me again, so I only refreshed once and when it didn't stop I just shrugged and went for the stories. Priorities, you know? *sheepish grin*
As for why the hits were from my flist and not your comments page, see, I have this Firefox extension, LJ Addons, which unfolds lj-cuts in the same tab without re-loading the page or opening a new tab. I'm no expert but it is possible that the extension reacted badly to the LJ problems too. I can't really tell this was it because next day when I used Firefox again, it loaded smoothly, and so did your stories. In any case, I upgraded LJ Addons to the newest version which conveniently came out earlier today.
FWIW, sorry for messing up your stats, even if unintentionally. Also, 15,000 hits is a lot of bandwidth so if you run out this month, I'll be more than happy to cover the amount needed to keep your site running.

*clears throat* So, that, *points at entry* was my half-assed attempt to keep your mind off... things. When it comes to giving comfort and... feelings and stuff, I swear, I'm worse than Sheppard. I mean, my grandma passed away three months ago, in my hands of all things and although I've been meaning to write about it since then, I haven't been able to put down a single line. So yeah, very bad at comfort. And stuff. Very bad.

*hugs you*

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