Ishi-No Kokoro (queenofstars) wrote,
Ishi-No Kokoro

layout woes, continued

*heavy sigh* Code still needs work, a LOT of work. Flexible Squares is not the easiest to code, the glitches make me pull my hair, so yeah, still work ahead.
  1. Override friends!colorization around userpic in friends!page. Is that even possible? I hope it is or else it'll be a bitch to change the colors by hand for 200+ ljs. *sulk* Yes it is! All I had to do was add set use_friends_colours = false; in the user layer. *facepalm*

  2. Fix font size. Default (10px) is too small for my taste, lets try 11px or 12. Or 18. *handwave*

  3. Change scrapbook's colors. Totally forgot about that. Oops.

  4. Fix 'Current location' metatext. Lowercase and something witty, like 'alpha site' or 'beta site'.

  5. Custom ljuser, ljcomm and ljfeed icon. newkidfan's sga mini icons (john, rodney or mcshep) or penguins from the homonymous mood theme. Find an IE hack to separate user/comm/feed there too (oh yeah, Firefox kicks IE's ass in this too).

  6. Remove the space above the banner. And below the body. Banner has a border that's more than enough and the navigation strip looks odd so far below the footer.

  7. Header. Tweak code to show the text of current page also as link but keep the blue color.

  8. Header. Maybe change title and subtitle font size to smthng bigger.

  9. Header. Add go back/forth links.

  10. Change color and style in related services. photobucket / youtube / imeem / vox

  11. Add links next to 'reply' and 'read comments'. Static link, Edit entry, Add to memory, Track, and line them to the left.

  12. Fix space/lines in entry. Move 'tag' meta text one line down so it won't look like it's part of the entry. Delete extra lines between 'tag' meta text and moods.

  13. Entry header. Move meta text to the header so that first entry lines don't indent.

  14. Welcome message box. How about it? Lots of stuff can go there; quotes, links, friending policy, link to a "how did you end up here?" post, etc.

  15. Fix 'Tags' meta text. Lowercase and 'tagged' instead.

  16. I'm this close to redoing the banner from scratch. It was supposed to be a reproduction of my favorite icon *points at default* and I'm not satisfied with it but I think I vaguely remember now how I did it the first time so yes, sometime in the future I'll try again.

  17. A new mood theme. thnx princess_bunny for reminding me that one.

testing space


Tags: layout, lj

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