Ishi-No Kokoro (queenofstars) wrote,
Ishi-No Kokoro

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I'm collecting m-a-ers!

Master and Apprentice has been the joy of my life for over 3 years now. *content sigh* I'm convinced that no matter how many years pass, I'll never get tired of the TPM universe. Thank you for the stories ladies and keep bringing 'em! ^__^
So if you are in anyway connected to m-a, don't be surprised if you find yerself on my friends' list. *grin*

By the way, does anyone know what ever happened to Wednesday? Her LJ was deleted quite a while ago. I hate to see such talented authors disappear like that. =0( I was really hoping she would finish The Gift someday... *sigh* Oh well...

Tags: fandom, has left the building, lj, movies:starwars

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