16 August 2010 @ 06:03 am
From Twitter 08-15-2010  

  • 05:38:57: LOL! RT @mishacollins: RT@cahmontemor1: "@mishacollins could you please wish me a f*cking happy birthday?" well, since you ask so nicely, no
  • 05:42:40: I can't believe I'm awake at 8:30 on a Sunday morning. o.O The things I do for you mother.
  • 08:41:55: Dessert is ready, cool and thick and yummy. I'm covered head to toe in cream and yogurt but it was worth it.
  • 08:50:45: Noon is not too early for a pitcher of Margaritas, is it?
  • 08:55:20: Contemplating tequila before noon... @JoeFlanigan your drinking habbits are bad influence. *tongue in cheek*
  • 18:50:33: For the past 15mins, everytime the wind blows from Ymmitos' direction I smell smoke. Let's hope it's just my imagination...

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