Ishi-No Kokoro (queenofstars) wrote,
Ishi-No Kokoro

From Twitter 08-23-2010

  • 06:19:21: @dailyflanigan How did they manage to get his hair to part on the side? Hairdressers on that show are heroes! *LOL*
  • 13:19:03: @JoeFlanigan Hey, good to have you back! Antiquing? Hang in there mate, it will pass... *grin*
  • 16:10:42: Awwww... RT @vida_boheme: @JoeFlanigan message from a 10-year-old fan
  • 18:19:12: RT @BrentSpiner: Had an idea. The Con-Con. A convention featuring only celebrities who've been arrested. Quite a list. They could sign t ...
  • 18:22:03: *LOL* RT @BrentSpiner: RT @bunniesandcandy:@BrentSpiner YOU PLAYED DATA ON STAR TREK --No. I'm afraid you have me confused with Brent Spiner

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