26 August 2010 @ 06:03 am
From Twitter 08-25-2010  

  • 09:27:30: RT @asteris: RT @sacbee_theframe Hurricane Katrina 5 years later (Mario Tama / Getty Images) http://bit.ly/9CVgRs
  • 09:40:54: @villainny Greek channel Star.gr airs season 4 Monday to Thursday. \o/ Missed last night's ep 'cause I was staring at the #fullmoon XD
  • 12:27:54: Terminally bored @ work. Good thing the proxy filter is down again; I'm in the mood for some #SGA fanfiction, the slash kind. *eyes AO3*
  • 19:15:07: @nikomaria at least you got to go *pokes you to watch you squirm* i wish i could go too, i'd love to meet @stagie face2face

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