21 September 2010 @ 06:03 am
From Twitter 09-20-2010  

  • 09:31:14: @dhewlett When you talk about #SGU, my heart hurts. =/
  • 09:41:12: I know it's been a year but I just can't get over losing #SGA to #SGU.
  • 09:42:37: Not when it's obvious TPTB buried #SGA S4&S5 plots so they can use them for #SGU.
  • 09:44:23: I mean, come on, you have a city the size of Manhattan to explore & you don't, but it takes more than a season to explore a ship? Please...
  • 09:49:06: I shouldn't be allowed near a keyboard when I'm in this mood. I'm already sorry for what I tweeted to DH when it's really not his fault.
  • 09:49:53: Hopefully it will get lost in the avalanche of tweets he receives every day? =|
  • 09:53:02: *crawls back under rock*
  • 11:57:31: @asteris Βλέπω μόνο για 8, των υπολοίπων 300+ (γιατί δεν είναι μόνο οι νυν, είναι και οι τέως και οι παρελκόμενοι) που είναι, οέο;
  • 12:06:09: At work with a toothache, open web access and nothing to do; force help me and those who read my ramblings.
  • 13:53:15: @Mithrida Τόμπολα RT @smykos: Αποτυχημένο το πείραμα της μαζικής δωρεάν διανομής νέων κυκλοφοριών από τις δισκογραφικές http://bit.ly/aX0hID

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