Ishi-No Kokoro (queenofstars) wrote,
Ishi-No Kokoro

From Twitter 04-16-2011

Killer migrane 3rd day in a row. =/ Wanna watch new SPN ep but when I open my eyes, the room spins. Meeh.
On the bright side, I'm all caught up with H5-0. Alex O'Loughlin is fuckin' A as Steve McGarrett but reminds me too much of John Sheppard.
Scott Caan OTOH is kind of a disappointment. Decent most times but awkward at odd moments. Can't put my finger on it; guess I expected more.
Perhaps I was expecting someone of @dhewlett's caliber to stand next to Alex like David did for @JoeFlanigan. Even the banter looks strained
doesn't have the easy flow John's & Rodney's had. At 1st I thought it was because it's too early for Steve & Danny to have the same rapport
yet 20 eps later the stilted banter still sets my teeth on edge. Oh #SGA how you ruined me for other shows.
I won't even get into the Steve/Danny slash dynamic. I suspect I'll be unpopular enough in H5-0 fandom tonight w/out touching that *sigh*
Pain meds finally kicked in. What to do, watch SPN or a get a decent night's sleep while pain free? Decisions, decisions...

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Tags: real!life, tv:h5-0, tv:sga
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