26 April 2011 @ 06:02 am
From Twitter 04-25-2011  

@stagie I don't get it, what's he doing? If he's messing with the adsl modem, change the password.
Spotty connection is spotty. Trying to download 550MB torrent w/ local free hotspot & it keeps disconnecting me every 3 mins. O_o
samsung galaxy tab + headphones = viewing last supernatural episode on the road, on our way back to athens. win!
@stagie let's skype eachother one of these days. I'll walk you through a few settings both on yr modem & netbook that might help
android twitter apps suck big hairy ones. I miss pocketwit DX
home, sweet home! *connects to home wifi, plugs tablet to power strip, pets home pc* missed me my precious?
Kotsiras FTW! RT @stagie: At a concert to see my fave greek singer... WOOT!!
@stagie jedi mind tricks & google foo ;D you'll have a great time, he has a divine voice

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