27 April 2011 @ 06:02 am
From Twitter 04-26-2011  

@nicktoumpelis @macshome oooook... *backs away slowly, no sudden moves*

@stagie two words: castiel whump
@nikomaria I wish I was coming too. @andersonrdean will be there this year.
this is the 2nd year in a row I'm missing #fedcon because of work... damn, damn, damn! *shakes fist at heavens*
@stagie but he suffers so beautifully *pets Cas* You have to watch it, I'm dying to tweet my reaction but I don't want to spoil you :p
@ripleyaeryn good for you! have fun and who knows? maybe we'll meet there next year! ;D
@stagie still, it's not the same :P
Have fun w/ your friends tonight
@nikomaria it's a date! Be sure to talk greek to Marina Sirtis if you see her, she loves it!
For those who haven't noticed yet, @kavansmith account is gone. You'll find adorable, pottymouth Kavan at @KavanjSmith :D Follow him! #sga

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i'd love to read your comment @ the original dreamwidth post (openid ftw!). if you prefer lj, please don't cross-post your comment to facebook. thank you.

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