Ishi-No Kokoro (queenofstars) wrote,
Ishi-No Kokoro

From Twitter 04-28-2011

Of course I woke up late 2day. On my way to work, with a chatty cab driver. *yawn*
Any news of Joe? How did the surgery go? #JFlan #FlanClan
@stagie those were pre-op photos. (NIPPLE! *thud*) I may sound stalkerish but I'm always worried where general anesthesia is involved.
@asteris αγαπη, σε εξορισα στο @xxxxxxxx (deleted on purpose) γιατι δε παλευεσαι πλεον. ~300 tweets away from 100.000? really? αντε και στο 'μυριο βρε!
@handmark please stop spamming us with gossip
@JoeFlanigan this calls for photo evidence! (good to hear from you, we were worried)

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i'd love to read your comment @ the original dreamwidth post (openid ftw!). if you prefer lj, please don't cross-post your comment to facebook. thank you.
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