04 May 2011 @ 06:02 am
From Twitter 05-03-2011  

lol! RT @dhewlett: Sounds like more Canadians were tweeting election results than actually voting...time to invade?
RT @asteris: RT @RiverDryFilm: The @newyorker says #OBL "didn't deserve a trial." How dangerous. http://nyr.kr/lWRYzl
RT @asteris: Inimitable Greek comedian Thanasis Veggos dead at 84 http://is.gd/5JOV99 He deserves a far better WP page than this http:// ...
RT @asteris: The thing to understand abt Veggos is that he embodied something most Greeks found endearing: a good hearted man. That's ve ...
RT @asteris: Θανάσης Βέγγος trending worldwide, deservedly. He never gained the int'l recognition other comedian icons (eg de Funès) enj ...
RT @asteris: Seeing bemused reactions from int'l tweople, I'm kinda enjoying Θανάσης Βέγγος trending as his unintended last prank. All i ...
RT @asteris: To int'l tweople complaining abt Βέγγος trending, you wouldn't be flippant had you known him; TTs are claptrap 24/7, you'll ...
Laugh until you cry; cry until you laugh. http://livestre.am/Ee9 Good bye Thanassis #Veggos and thanks for the laughs.
Internet is down @ work. I hadn't noticed until Help Desk IVR started ringing of the hook. Good times. NOT. #ICanHaz3GTablet
On my way for my first theory of driving lesson. *is excited*
Um, @KavanjSmith? Did @colinferg hack your twitter again? XD
"What's your name / Who's your daddy..." The Zombies live @ #RadioArvyla. Oh yeah.
I stand corrected! lol RT @KavanjSmith: This is not CF. He isn't this funny. And he has the attention span of a hic up

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