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slash is in the eye of the beholder

ishi-no kokoro's identity crisis

Ishi-No Kokoro
12 February 1974
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30-something, bisexual, geek and greek; be afraid, be very afraid.


Still reading? Damn, I thought I was scarier than that. ;)

Emmm... What am I doing here? Hopefully, I'm writing. About what? My life, my obsessions, my aDDictions, my friends, my luvs, my desperate need to belong somewhere... and if I ever find the courage to post it, fan fiction.

Most of the time I write in all lower case which, as I have discovered some time ago, can be rather annoying to people whose mother language is english. I'm sorry kids (and I use the term very loosely and equally affectionately), how I write depends on my mood not my age and if I find it cool at the time to make the entry in lower case or feel too lazy to do otherwise, then I will. At least the fiction I post is properly typed. Not beta-ed, not worth reading but at least properly typed. ::sigh::

At some point I'll comment on my favorite fandoms in detail, reading and writing included. So far, my only finished stories are 3 drabbles in the X-Men movieverse and 3 Stargate SG-1 drabbles (tag: fanfiction). Lately I've been working on two bigger Stargate stories and I'm very very excited about it. They're coming along really slow because every now and then I'm re-writing big chunks that although they looked good at the time, two days later they simply sucked. And then the plot gets messed up (natch) and I have to start aaaaall over again and it's frustrating to no end and -damn it- I like the concept of both too much and I won't give up until I finish them. *stomps foot petulantly*


Stuff I should be working on:
1. new layout for my website (half-way there, yey!)
2. new layout and icons for my lj
3. tpm slash
4. sg1 slash
5. x-men slash
6. photomanips

With stephicozar and jades_shadow we co-moderate daniel_daily!

I make Stargate icons for anyone who wants them (tag: icons). I keep them along with other assorted junk in a photobucket album --visitor password is the username =)-- and in my site but the pb account is more likely to be up-to-date since I can access it from work as well. I cannot stress this enough: don't use the icons marked as personal! I don't spend enough time online for people to instantly recognize me by nickname or username so having unique icons is my only way of leaving my mark on the web. Or just say I'm an icon-hog. Either way, thank you for understanding.

Master, I luv u. You rock girl.

Recently I un-friended journals and here is why.

All comments and replies are treasured, cross my heart. I'm just too damn slow when it comes to answering...

As always, should any of the above seem Greek to you, it's because it is...

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Man + Woman ≠ Marriage
Love + Commitment = Marriage

Jack O'Neill is Sex.

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